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                                  • Hello,
                                    I'm having self-referenced table and another table which is also referencing the first one. I'm interested in displaying a nested nodes from the first table as nodes with children where children can be either other nodes from the first table or nodes from the second table. Can you advise how i can implement it using TreeList control?


                                I've found that there is a template called "Binding to a Business Object" which can be used when implementing TreeList view. It looks like i can use it for solving my problem. Is it a real binding or the change to the underline object will not cause refreshing of the node?
                                For example if an object that was added as a leaf was changed (detached from the parent) and i want this branch of the tree list to be refreshed reflecting the change then what should i do?



                                Thank you for the question. To accomplish this task, you need to update your business object value, and the node value will be changed automatically. Please review our demo
                                (C:\Program Files\Developer Express .NET v8.2\Demos\XtraTreeList\CS\TreeListMainDemo\Modules\BusinessObjectBinding.cs). This may be very helpful. Feel free to ask additional questions.

                                Thank you, Marina

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